MicroBio – me in a nutshell

In the ever-shrinking universe of social interaction best friends are reduced to text messages, colleagues to tweets, and family to Facebook updates.  We have put a premium on the art of saying it short and sweet.

Cases in point, my revised bio posted to my profile at Meetup.com (250 characters or less):

Attorney, writer, & blogger is content mgr @ LexisNexis & devoted father/husband. Lives by these quotes: “Fundamental accuracy of statement is the one true morality of writing,” (Ezra Pound) and “Omit needless words,” (Strunk & White).

My revised bio on Twitter (160 characters or less):

Attorney, writer/blogger, husband/father who lives by Rule 17: omit needless words.

Is this me in a nutshell?  “No, this is me in a nutshell … oh how did I get into this nutshell?”


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