Obama’s “Firewalled Chat” – How Open Will “Open For Questions” Really Be?

True to the progressive platform he pimped to get into office (I say that with love), Obama is taking a different approach to the “fireside chat” instituted by FDR from 1933 to 1944.   Gone is the one-way radio broadcast that US citizens huddled around to be told about their country’s future from its fearless leader.  The Interactive Age demands something more … well, interactive.

Whitehouse.gov runs a different kind of chat.  For the past few weeks citizens were invited to submit and vote on questions for the President.  This process ended today at 9:30 am with the following stats:

  • 91,498 people have submitted
  • 102,963 questions
  • 3,562,315 votes have been cast

Whether Obama’s intimate-Internet approach will work or bring much needed calm to the American people remains to be seen.  Today at 11:30 am he will deliver something seemingly different: a digitalogue with citizens  about the issues they care most about right now. On a personal note, I’ve been to town halls in my large corporation with only a few thousand employees on the call at once – these are not the most intimate, relevant, or current dialogues – in fact they seem mostly like infodumps until someone asks a hard question that ruffles the CEO’s feathers (but even these questions just seem like complaining most of the time).  If Obama wants something completely different let’s see him hold a Twitterside Chat – that would be really impressive – we’ll see if this truly is something different.

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