Twitter Elements of Style – Rule 13 Omit Needless Characters

One of my favorite books on writing (recommended by Stephen King) is the Elements of Style by Strunk & White.  The authors provide 18 rules of usage for writing, which form the backbone of good grammar and bore students to death.  I often quote my favorite (Stephen’s too), Rule 13: omit needless words.  In that spirit I attempt a rewrite of these rules for the tweeterverse (click the link for the real rule):

II. Elementary Rules of Tweeting

1. Show possession w/a “z” (no apostrophes in 140 chars)

2. Commas eat 2 chars – connect w/slashes

3. Put interuptions in (parenthesis – no space)

4. Indy clause (new thought) w/comma or slashes b4 and or but

5. Do not join independent clauses by a comma this rule works for twitter (remember rule 2: commas eat 2 chars)

6. Do not break sentences in two (see comment on rule 5)

7. Put subjects in start of tweet so we know what ur talking about willis

8. Tweets have no lines so b somewhat clear

III. Elementary Principles of Tweets

9. Make the tweet the unit of composition: one tweet to each topic

10. Begin tweets on topic; end should make sense w/start

11. Use the active voice this rule is unchanged

12. Tweet in positive form

13. Omit needless characters (u only get 140)

14. No loose tweets

15. Tweet w/consistent terms

16. Keep related tweets together

17. In summaries, keep to one tweet

18. Finish strong


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  1. DAD

    Remember we have friends on face that are our
    generation. As a Parent we also tend to look out
    for our kids, their friends and social comments.
    It leads to better understanding and insight as
    to where you guys are mentally.
    A parent will never stop nuturing no matter how
    old and smart you think you might be.
    (Bull Story Kid)

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