2010: A Pronunciation Odyssey

It’s hard to believe that we are blowing right by Arthur C. Clarks’s vision of the future without so much as a single sentient, psychotic AI trying to kill us, (talk about disappointment).  But as we rollout of the single digit calendar-suffix of the 21st Century, another threat looms: prounounciation war. 

How should 2010 be expressed in the English language? 

  • “Two thousand and ten”
  • “Twenty-ten”

I am a fan of “twenty-ten,” b/c it sounds cooler and takes less time to say (a plus for all you vm tweeters out there who like convert to text). 

So in the spirit of the Big Lebowski: what is the preferred nomenclature?






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One response to “2010: A Pronunciation Odyssey

  1. Wonder Woman

    I am curious, my dear, how do we abbreviate it? In 2009, we say “oh-nine (’09).” Next year is it o’ten? Are we Irish?

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