Fire that Blogger!

“I’ve been reading your blog,” Mom said. 

“That’s great,” I said.

“Do other people read it,” she asked.  With her recent readership, I think I was up to five or six regular readers – not the New York Times, but exciting none-the-less.  I told her this, and she asked the proverbial parental question: “if there aren’t a lot of people reading and you aren’t making any money, why do you write it?”

I went onto explain how the pure joy of writing, sharing my opinion with the world, on a blogging platform that has the potential to reach anyone who cares to read it is an exciting and worthwhile thing.  To me, it makes no difference whether anyone reads it.  Sure, I’d love to have a Huffington Post-sized following, but at the very least this is great practice for my writing. 

“But doesn’t your boss mind that you post these at work?  Can he fire you for that?”  A shot of fear went through me for an instant: post at work?  I usually write my blog posts at night or on lunch.  Sometimes I edit them and post at work, but that shouldn’t raise flags.   After checking my settings on Wordpress I saw that my time stamps put my posts almost 7-hours in the future from the time I actually post them, and the fact that I can write something at anytime with a time stamp in the future, present, or past further diffuses any argument for firing.  Luckily, my blogging has been supported by my company – many of my posts are about e-content and publishing, some posts have even been repurposed on their main websites.    

I reassured Mom that the publishing of my posts during “work hours” didn’t concern my boss, but the question got me thinking: who has been fired for blogging?  These 7-famous firings of bloggers are well known, but do you know anyone fired for blogging?


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