Apple OS Dual-Touch Screen Netbook

My dream machine?  An Apple OS Touch Screen Netbook w/dual touch screen interface (like the Nintendo DS) rather than a keyboard.  While my concept may not make an appearance at the Apple Developer’s conference this June, speculation about the possiblity of an Apple OS Netbook abounds, from reports that Apple ordered thousands of 10 inch touchscreens to rumors that an Apple Tablet is forth coming.

Regardless of what the digital fruit company is a planning, I want MY netbook created.  Here’s an every-man’s mock up (not tech specs) of what features I’d like to see it include:

  • Dual touch screen interface (think Nintendo DS w/o the stylus)
  • Key board functionality on either screen depending on how it is being held (similar to iPhone)
  • Rotation of 1-screen to face out when netbook is closed enabling tablet functionality
  • Built in iSight camera and microphone on corner of swivel screen (allows video conferencing in Netbook or tablet configuration)
  • Paper screen functionality w/Apple inspired reading software so that device can be used as an e-Reader (Kindle Killer?)
  • 32 GB internal memory (if they can do it on an iPhone they can do it on a netbook) w/expansion slots
  • Satellite and wiFi connection (hey – in my perfect world, sat connections are cheap and effective)

What features would you want to see on the netbook of your dreams?


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