These Are a Few of My Favorite Bings

If you love technology as much as I do then I will assume you are no stranger to the most excellent site Life Hacker, (sorry: this isn’t a post about MS’s new search engine Bing; “bings” just fit the Sound of Music omage better than “hacks”).  My favorite thing that they issue each year is their Life Hacker Pack: List of Essential Downloads (Mac & PC).  As a bi-computator (PC by day and Mac by choice) this comprehensive little list of life-hacks is true a blessing.  The nugget from this pile of gold that has been my savior as I begin my role as community manager of Martindale Hubbell Connected, “the global network for legal professionals,” has been Drop Box.

The way it works is simple:

  1. Register for Drop Box through the link above (this will make me eligible for a space upgrade, another sweet perk of this site – free space for getting friends to join!)
  2. Basic idea: an online storage space that can synchronize folder on whatever computer you are using
  3. 2GB of storage are free, but you can earn an extra free 1GB through referrals, or purchase more space (up to 100GB for $20 per month or $200 per year)
  4. Save files in the Drop Box folder on your computer and when you log in from another computer, such as your trusty Mac, the folders will update with your changes from the other machine (no more confusing USB keys or emailing yourself files)

Check out all of the other life hacks posted, but this one is by far my favorite.



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4 responses to “These Are a Few of My Favorite Bings

  1. Jeff D

    Ever given Office Live Workspace a whirl? Similar to DropBox, but comes with more storage (5GB) and syncs with MS Office if you use that suite, or can be used all by itself.

    MSFT Office Live Outreach

  2. jeffdaviscourt

    Sounds good! Looking forward to your thoughts.


    • fragmintz

      Hey Jeff,

      I tried it out, but for my tastes, I found it lacking in user friendliness and simplicity. The registration process required a lot of information, probably something that helps verify user identity and allows for MS to customize the platform to the individual, but in my case, I kind of wanted to just jump into it. The interface had a lot of functionality, which again, if I was looking for would have been great, but all I wanted was secure cloud storage that had a native file folder on each of my machines, which would self-update whenever I worked on that machine. Drop Box gives me this plain and simple, whereas the Windows product did too many other things.



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