iPhone and iMac Woes: How Do You Like Them Apples?

There are 53 days left until we move to Israel, but who’s counting? Before we go, we want to purchase some Apples, yes them Apples and we like them just fine. The question is, which ones do we go with?

Our original plan was to buy a Mac Mini with a flat screen and gear, but the cost of getting a decent set up comes to almost $1,000. For that money, we might as well upgrade to the iMac by spending another $300 to $400 dollars. All-in-all on the desk top front we want something with 4GB ram, 500GB internal, and some nice speed. Nothing to fancy; this is really just for home computing. Suggestions are welcome.

The iPhone question is a trickier one. For two years we have held off on starting a new contract with AT&T, mostly b/c we have moved our plans of moving three times, always rationalizing that getting into a 2-year contract would not work b/c we would have to break it. Now we are faced with yet another choice, do we buy the iPhone in America and just slip in an Israeli sim card or go to Israel cell phoneless (gulp) and purchase there. Word on the net is Pelephone, a large Israeli provider just signed an exclusive deal with Apple to be the sole carrier of iPhones over there. One problem: I have heard that Israeli companies traditionally do not give deals on the phones with new contracts, (can anyone verify?).

There is always the slick route: go to AT&T, get a new 2-year contract with a slick iPhone 3Gs for $300 each, then break said contract, do not pass Go, and pay $200 early termination. Still, you are looking at $500 per phone, which is close to the no contract price, (unless of course you go with just the regular old 3G for 99$; then the terminator method would only cost $300).

What is a tech guy to do? Post a comment with your thoughts.


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