Iphone & Mac Solutions

It took me two minutes to type that title. No, not two minutes to think of it, but two minutes to actually type it. If you are blogging from an iPhone for the first time like me, your fingers have some training to do. It can take getting used to punching out jumpi g letters on a touchscreen keyboard before it feels natural. But I am persistant and it feels good to post to my blog sitting in the Clifton Commons parking lot at 12:34am while I wait for my 6-month old to finally fall asleep, (he’s just about there now). In any case, here’s to posting on the road; it’s nice to have finally arrived.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell how we came to own iPhones and a brand new iMac.


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One response to “Iphone & Mac Solutions

  1. AY

    Congrats on the selection, Mike. I have the Touch, you get used to it.

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