Addicted to iPhone Apps

Two weeks into my iPhone oddessey and I’m already hooked on apps. The ability to choose from over 100,000 add ons for my phone was so overwhelming at first that I didn’t download anything for the first week. Rather I sat back, did some research, and tried to choose useful apps that I would actually use.

Deciding that the most important thing to me was productivity, I searched out the best apps in this category and found many to close from. Another criteria was cost: I didn’t want my foray into Apple’s app world to drive up my mobile bills either, so most of what I ultimately decided on were free apps.

Here is what is on my phone currently and my reasons for putting them there:

  1. Toodledo – I tried many different list makers, being married to a productivity maven, including plain old Apple notes, Done, Reqall and Evernote (useful for brainstorming and writing, but not GTD lists), but none of them compared to Toodledo. This paid app ($3.99) allows flexible list making, synching with email and online, foldering, and more. To me, what makes the app great is it doesn’t waste functionality on gimmicky features you don’t need.
  2. Siddur (Ashkenaz) – this is your basic Jewish prayer book in Heberew, but on your iPhone.  Very dumbed down version with not a lot of features.  The navigation is clunky and I sometimes loose my place completely while in the middle of afternoon or evening prayers (not recommended for the longer morning prayers unless absolutely necessary).  Despite it’s flaws, you can’t beat the price: cheap as free, and I use it every day.
  3. Evernote – as I said above, the Evernote app is great for note taking that doesn’t involve to do lists.  The voice notes work well and the synching is okay.  Don’t use the app all that much, but can see where it is useful.
  4. TweetDeck – love this on my desktop and laptop.  Not crazy about it on the iPhone though.  Something about working with all the columns and trying to manage the rich features of this program on the iPhone does not translate.  Still, another free app so what the heck (if you don’t like it you can always just delete it).
  5. Done – this was my GTD app of choice until I shelled the $3.99 for Toodledo.  It makes simple lists and has some fun features like shaking the iPhone to reorder the list based on priorities, and tilting the phone to it’s side, hitting the check mark, and hearing a laser beam zap sound effect wipe checked off items off of your list.
  6. WordPress – if you blog on WP and have an iPhone I don’t know how this app is not on it.  You can type local drafts (slowly … if you are like me and still stumble through the soft keyboard) and then upload them to the real WP as drafts or published posts (this post started on the iPhone).  Also free.
  7. Honorable mentions (still on the phone, free apps, but not really being used much): Multiconvert (see how any measurement lines up against the same measurement in a different scale – will be helpful in Israel), Keeper (password keeper; still don’t know how this works; having to type in all my passwords may be worth it if I ever get to it), RulePhone (this is supposed to be able to give you an accurate measurement for anything you take a photo of; sounded cool, downloaded to measure some furniture, told me a 5 and half foot buffet was only 3 and half feet, and now I want my $2.99 back), Israel Money (cool way to track how the shekel is keeping up with the dollar, but I am not sure how accurately this refreshes from day to day – the dollar to the shekel has been 3.90 for the past 6-days), and ContactSynch (works well, downloaded for free, puts all Gmail, Outlook, and phone contacts in your phone address book)

What apps are you downloading?


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