Apple Mail – Is there a better way?

I like to give all things Apple a try, but I must admit, Apple Mail has been very disappointing.  Yes, it can aggregate different mail accounts (still haven’t figured out how to get work Outlook in there), and it has a cool sound effect with a paper airplane graphic when mail gets sent out, but it seems to lack basic WP functionality that I would expect of any mail editor (like hypertext linking?).  Maybe I am doing something wrong, or maybe there are a lot features I haven’t used and just need to give it another fair evaluation, but my Google searches lately have been “Outlook for Apple” or “Apple Mail Substitute.”  The thing that keeps coming up is Thunderbird by the folks who brought you Firefox (the open source browser I stopped using after getting back into the cleanness of the Safari browser).  Does anyone have feedback on Thunderbird?


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  1. Folding paper has always been my passion. Paper airplanes in particular. I’ve been trying to fold all 50 paper airplanes at and I’m close to folding them all. I never thought there were that many kinds.

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