Getting Things Done – My New Project

I am not the world’s most organized person.  At work, my email can pile up just like the next guy; at home I used to be under the belief that if you made your piles neat, that was organized.  Enter Wonder Woman – the world’s most organized wife.  She makes lists and systematically gets things done.  My first reaction to this is usually stubborn resistance (“I’ll get them done my OWN way”_, but truth is my way does not always work.

After seeing many posts on LifeHacker referencing this book, I had to pick it up.  David Allen’s classic work on productivity, “Getting Things Done” holds some hope even for people like me.  See, I’ve tried all the technology solutions: Outlook journaling tool, Toodledo (my current choice among list maker), Mac Journal, Excel sheets, checklists, and even pen and paper.  What usually happens is I start strong and then get cluttered resulting in the method falling apart.  I need more than just a tool; I need a new way of working.

This will take practice, and although I have only read the first chapter of GTD (on my favorite iPhone app: the Kindle for iPhone), it holds promise.  As I get more into it I hope to post more about it.


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