The iDoEveryThingButWorkWellAsAPhone Phone (my little rant)

Is it me or does the iPhone do everything else extremely well except … well, phone?

Before purchasing this wonderful device and entering the world of the mobile, I had a $10 Go Phone from AT&T.  It was tiny, plastic, did text only, but always worked.  Ever since I got an  iPhone, I have experienced 3 to 5 dropped calls per day (and I don’t even use the phone that much).  What accounts for the iPhone’s lack of phoneliness?  The AppleInsider blog posted a bunch of theories last summer when the 3G premiered.

Love the apps, (can’t imagine life without Kindle apps!), email, and other functionality, but the whole point of buying this device and taking out the two-year contract which I’ll be breaking in a week (look for a post on that when it is all said and done), was to have a device that made calls anywhere.

If I wanted a device that had so much trouble making calls, I could have saved myself the headache of locking into a new contract, just bought an iPod touch at Costco for $225, downloaded the Skype app, and paid only $9.95 per month for phone service, the only limitation being that I would have to use it when I got wi-Fi.  Don’t get me wrong: I’m still an iPhone and Apple promotor, but seeing as the device works well with everything else, why not it’s primary function.

What’s your experience with this?

Check out this guy’s solution (after 3:35 of this video you don’t really need to keep watching, b/c he’s already told you the solution):


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