Taking Control of Your System Start Up

This is not a topic I really know about.  How often do you hear someone start with that?  The reason I am even including this short post is to show the value of blogging.

While at the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Annual Meeting in Boston a friend and colleague of mine, Eugene Weitz, former corporate counsel at Alcatel Lucent walked up to my booth between sessions.  He said, “just got out of a session you would have liked.”

“Yeah,” I asked, “what about?”

“Lawyer-tech stuff,” he said.

“What did they discuss.” I asked.

“Different tools, using them in practice.  The most interesting thing I saw was about taking control of your system start up,” he said.  “He gave a bunch of programs, some of which I may check out.”

“You should blog about that,” I said.  Eugene recently started an exclusive blog on Martindale-Hubbell Connected called In the House: The Impact of Technology on the 21st Century Lawyer.

“I don’t know,” he said, explaining that he didn’t have expertise in the tools or anything like that.  And it is this last point that inspired this blog post.  I told him that readers don’t always want the expert opinion.  The beauty of blogging is that whoever reads your stuff reads it to get your take on things.  To show him that anyone could write about system start up, I found this link all about it, posted by someone who does know about the subject.  I drafted this post as my testimony that what makes this whole blogging thing interesting is getting different perspectives on the same information.  Believe me, this post is much more about how we share and connect as human beings than it is about system start up.  In any case, there you have it.




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2 responses to “Taking Control of Your System Start Up

  1. …but a blog post still needs content which is interesting for people to read. Some human beings don’t have much to say!

    • fragmintz

      I heard Julian Smith, author of the NY Times best selling book Trust Agents, speak this past Friday. He said that the world of blogs has changed. It used to be that when you told someone you were a blogger they’d ask, “oh, and what is it you complain about?”

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