From Muggle Mouse to Magic Mouse: Fixing the Little Bug in Apple’s Magic Mouse

Quick post here: bought an iMac in the summer, a nice 24 incher.  Got a good deal b/c it was a certified refurb (used for Apple demos and what not).  Shipped the bad boy to Israel with all our other stuff.  Little did I know, Apple was coming out with a new version of the iMac in October.  This one came with more speed, memory, and toys, the crown jewel of which was the Magic Mouse.

What truly magical device: it is basically a touch response mouse, no buttons, no scroll wheel; just a sleek surface that you can click, scroll, squeeze, slide, and gesture on to make things happen.  Reminds me of what I love the iPhone for.  Check out this demo:

Problems in paradise.  My “older” iMac was not seeing the mouse as “magic.”  It picked up the bluetooth signal and functioned like a regular old wireless mouse, but no multitouch or gesture recognition, the whole reason I bought it in the first place.  This was frustrating.  The reason I pay so much for Apple products is they usually just work, right out of the box.  This was not going to work for me.

I went digging through the ether for any explanation of how to fix my new toy.  Found this great article Give Your Magic Mouse More Gestures and even downloaded the demo version of a software that adds extra gestures (will let you know how that goes once I get the magic back in my mouse).  Google also revealed this article about Magic Mouse Not Working for Some (mainly those of us who bought free standing Magic Mice, rather than new iMacs).  But it was on YouTube that I found this great video and a new blog that I plan to frequent: Technizmo.

The issue is this: if you own an Apple computer that did not come with the Magic Mouse, your copy of Snow Leopard needs a firmware update to work with the magic mouse.  You can get it here.  Many thanks to Technizmo for showing me this (would have been nice if Apple included this little fact in the instructions).



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2 responses to “From Muggle Mouse to Magic Mouse: Fixing the Little Bug in Apple’s Magic Mouse

  1. [..] A little unrelated, but I really liked this blog post [..]

  2. Hey,

    hmm …., thanks for the cool information. I’ve always had problems with it, though I eventually was able to read it on my iPhone. So thanks for that.

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