How To Try Google Real-Time Search Streams Today

Google is ready to become relevant again.  With the explosion of Twitter in 2009 many started to question whether the search giant could keep up with 140-character, real-time results.  Never one to disappoint, Google has launched “real-time search.”  Check out this short video about it:

Now when I saw this video with the Forrest Gump meets Edward Scissorhands type music I got REALLY excited.  I pulled up a Google browser and did a search for “Keynote Templates” hoping to find the latest and greatest in real-time results for the presentation I am putting together right now.  What did I see?

Same old Google.  Where were the real-time results?  Looks like we will just have to wait, right?  Nope … here’s a little hack to try Google real-time search today.

Google put up this post on the Official Google Blog: “the new features will be rolling out in the next few days and will be available globally in English. You can try them out today by visiting Google Trends and clicking on a “hot topic,” which in most cases will bring you to a search results page with the new real-time feature.”  Here’s what you see when you click the link:

Type into the search box at the bottom whatever real-time results you want to try.  In my case it was “Keynote Templates.”  Here’s what it came up with:

As you can see, I got two relevant results from the last hour on the first page alone.  This is a significant step forward for Google and one that should help their stock price and mission statement (“to catalog and index the world’s information”).

What do you think about Google’s new search capabilities?  Will this kill Twitter?  What about Bing?


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