Turing Test In Action? SiteGround Web Hosting Sign Up Experience

I am finally taking the next step in this social media thing and trying to build a site for what I’m doing here.  After going on Aardvark and asking what the best hosting sites are for my needs, I got a few answers: Go Daddy, Rockethost, Bluehost, and Rochenhost.  None of them really had everything I was looking for, Drupal seemed to complicated for what I wanted to do, and so I tried a Google search.  What came up was a site called SiteGround offering a $20 per year deal for hosting, free domain, and other perks (usually domain hosting alone costs $16).  The cool part was their security verification process and it made me think of Alan Turing.

Turing was the first to officially and practically ask the question: “can machines think?”  From his seminar paper in 1950 Computing Machinery and Intelligence,  the entire school of thought about artificial intelligence has flourished.  His experiment was simple – sort of – put a human in one room and a machine in the other and see if the machine could fool the human into thinking it was talking to another human.

Fast forward to December 24, 2009 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!) and my experience with SiteGround.  They told me that my identity would need to be validated by a customer service rep through an internet chat window.  Interesting, I thought, and this is how the chat went:

Turns out that Valentin was in fact a real person!  He called me thirty seconds after confirming my Israeli cell phone number.  I now need to send him a photo of my American driver license to verify my identity.  Despite the pain in the a*** that validating can be, I feel confident in SiteGround as my new host given the responsiveness and customer service effectiveness I experienced.  What hosting services are you using?  Anyone out there on SiteGround?  Any tips for setting up my first website?


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