Want an iPad?

The hype finally fizzled to reality yesterday when Steve Jobs revealed the iPad to the world.

Check out Howard Greenstein’s prediction, which came the closest I’ve seen in sizing up what this device would be.  There were many reactions:

But none as emotionally charged as this one.

As for me, the iPad seems enticing.  Read this post from my blog last year and you will see it comes nowhere close to what I envisioned Apple doing.   I have heard a range of reasons why people will buy it, my favorite of which is “it’s slick, cool, and sexy.”  A sexy iPad.  Sounds like a reason to drop $500+ on a device that does less than my iPhone.  And yet, like a car crash or an MTV reality show, I just can’t look away.

What about you?  Will you buy an iPad?  Why?



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2 responses to “Want an iPad?

  1. I would if I could. It will make a great way to present my portfolio to potential clients.

    • fragmintz

      I’m still trying to see how I would use it. Not likely to get one at launch (can’t afford it either), but if for some reason it makes sense over time perhaps I’ll save my shekels.

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