Identity & Purpose

My name is Mike Mintz, and I am an attorney, writer, and blogger working as the community manager for Martindale Hubbell Connected.  I love my company b/c it puts me on the human-side of technoloy, with the mission of finding new ways to use content and authenticate relevant information for our customers.  The 21st century has brought rampant growth in communications with mobile and Internet enabling instant connections to billions of people.  The beauty of this e-Volution is that everyone now has a voice, but we have also seen the reliability of information obscured and an errosion of the value placed on well-thought out and careful expression.  We must now rethink what it means to participate in this swelling marketplace of ideas and adapt to the changing landscape of content creation whether in online social communities, instant microblogging, or media formats not yet invented.  May we be guided in our quest by two great pieces of writing advice: “Fundamental accuracy of statement is the one true morality of writing,” (Ezra Pound) and “Omit needless words,” (Strunk & White, The Elements of Style).


5 responses to “Identity & Purpose

  1. marc mintz

    Hey Mike!

    Nice intro!


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  3. What is your email address? I’m trying to accept your Connected invitation to connect.
    ~Larry Bodine

    • fragmintz

      Hey Larry,

      My direct address at LN is I don’t know why you are having trouble accepting my invite, but we’ll try to figure it out this week. Also, I love the chatter you stirred up w/you challenge to Twitter. To me, it is the dissent that creates competition in the marketplace of ideas. Would you be up for debating your position in a MHC discussion board against a Twitter proponent like Doug Cornelius or some other member? I haven’t talked this over with any of my colleagues, but I think it would be a fantastic way of surfacing the various viewpoints on Twitter as a useful medium in the legal space. Let’s catch up soon.


      Mike Mintz

  4. Enjoy Israel! Wouldn’t mind trading links, if you’re interested.

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