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From Social Pollination: 3 Goals and 3 Words for 2010

Monica O’brien has some exciting things going for 2010.  As the newly minted author of the book Social Pollination: Escape the Hype of Social Media and Join the Companies Winning at It, and the regular author of her blog, Social Pollination: Small Biz.  Big Buzz,  she delivers a fresh take to online.  As a new reader of her blog, I left my first comment today and wanted to share it with any readers here.  Please feel free to continue the thread, commenting on your 3 Goals for 2010, either here on Monica’s blog.

Monica: great post.  I recently discovered your work through Joseph Yi (editor’s note: author of a great blog Welcome to LA and author of one of the funniest posts I ever read on Brazen Careerist) who I connected with on Brazen Careerist.  You laid out three very important goals for yourself that I can identify with (1) home/job, (2) creating, and (3) ways to challenge the status quo.  Here’s my take:

(1) Home/job: sounds like you and your husband are ready for a change.  My wife and I made a huge leap in 2009, moving our family from New Jersey to Jerusalem, Israel.  It has been a lifelong dream for her and a recent obsession of mine to move here.  The ideal of raising our children in the Holy Land and connecting with our spiritual roots still persists despite the difficulty of uprooting your entire life across an ocean to an alien culture.  We’ve taken our knocks and are adjusting.  For 2010 I’m resolved to view Israel like the Wild West.  Businesses here are just starting to integrate some of the more established online behaviors we are used to in the US and I’m seeing more opportunities here for an English speaking lawyer who works in this space (I am the lead community manager for a network of 25K lawyers and growing – another thing to do in 2010 is find a better term for “community manager” … I’ve been thinking either “janitor” or “party host” not sure though ; D).  As for home, we have a lease in the city for 2 years which gives us time to find a neighborhood and buy a house.  By the end of this year we want a neighborhood picked out.

(2) Creating – awesome to see you are writing fiction.  I wrote a novel 4 years ago, think if Harry Potter did kung fu, but quickly grew to hate it over the years.  My creative project for 2010 is to write my blog to book called Lurkers Anonymous: Strategies for Dealing with Invisibility on the Web.  My first post went up today so I guess I am already started (http://lurking101.com)!

(3) Ways to Challenge the Status Quo – this is an interesting one.  I wish you luck on the job search (your blog is proof enough that you would kick a**), and have found that being a “purple cow” in the corporate creameries is a fun way to love what you do.  I work for a major corporation in the legal world (if we were in the beverage industry think Coke v. Pepsi) and LOVE my work.  Just this year I moved into Web Strategy and find I can make a real difference by challenging the company to do things a bit differently.  Pursuing disruptive strategies like getting to know our detractors better and finding out why they hate us, giving away lots more for free, and starting a revolution in the way we communicate are just a few of the general categories of things I am hoping to do.  On the concrete side of things, I am starting a series on You Tube called Tech Talks where I interview different people in the tech, social media, and legal worlds to get unique perspectives on a host of topics.  We do everything via Skype video and I just did my first piece with Chris Boudreaux from SocialMediaGovernance.com.  It should be posting in the next week, and I already have some more calls planned.

Thanks for the great topic, and I’m looking forward to reading more from you in 2010.  Happy New Year!

I boiled down Monica’s 3-words to 3-categories.  Not sure this is what she was looking for (I think she wanted 3 NEW words), but it worked for me.  So what about you?  Where are your goals in 2010?  What would you like to see change?  Who do you want to agitate in the New Year?


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The Death of “Social Media” (“Augmented Reality” is Next)

Many sites have been predicting the death of the term “social media” as a trend to watch in 2010.  Adam Singer on Future Buzz has a great post about how the genericizing of the term “social media” as a buzz word in 2009 and 2010 will dilute its meaning of any substance so that eventually it describes just what we do online.  Intrigued by this thought, I left the following comment on his post and encourage you to add to the conversation there:

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the term “social media” for a while now, and have tried to come up with a better term.  It’s not just about semantics.  When I tell people that I am a community manager for a large professional network of lawyers they say, “oh – so you’re a webmaster?”

“No,” I say, “I’m a community manager – we have a team that deals with code and development.  I’m more the people, engagement, and business development side of things.”

“Hmm,” they say, looking at me suspiciously and thinking that I just dropped a load of crap on them, until I say, “I work in social media.” Then they’re like, “oh, right, like Twitter and stuff.”  Tired of the conversation, at this point I’ll say, “yeah, something like that.”

I will not mourn the death of the term “social media” as a buzz word among popular culture, but it does come in handy for the reason stated above, as well as, doing searches and Google alerts for things I want to read about.  If I used as generic a term as “online” I would have to filter through even more junk than I already do (I read mabye 15 – 20% of the 150+ articles I pick up in RSS per day searching for the term “social media.”)  I agree with you that it is risky to name a business after a buzz word (anyone out there still called “Web Surfers”or “Super Information Highway Cruisers”?), but as with my own blog, putting the term “social media” in the subtitle helps with traffic and orientation for new visitors.  Of course, if your post is right and the term social media comes to mean anything online, well then I’m back to square one.

So what do you and others think the term to describe augmented reality, specialized online social networking, community and content sharing should be?

Terms like “information super highway,” “cyber (insert here),” “world wide web,” were aliases we used to describe what eventually became the generic term “online.”  Does “social media” describe something else or will it eventually come to be what we know and expect as “online”?  Is there any differentiation between e-commerce, gaming, cloud computing, and “online” or do these terms describe a distinct aspect of “online” that has validity even after they have become integrated into our general expectations?  I would dare to say that the term “augmented reality,” which we are going to hear thrown around A LOT in 2010 is going to suffer an even quicker death than the term “social media.”  As Adam notes in his blog, the demise of social media is perhaps a long way off.  Business is just starting to hit milestones in adoption (see Pepsi to Skip Super Bowl Ads in Favor of $20M Social Media Campaign) and as I hinted to in my comment to him, the term is genericizing b/c it is how people are coming to understand this functionality of the web.

So what do you think we should call “social media”?  If not “social media” then what search terms should we use to find out about this kind of activity on the web?  What are the buzz words of yesteryear that have died and what can we learn from them?

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Trend Spottings 2010 Social Media Predictions

I enjoyed this slide show so much from Trend Spotting, I’ve decided to post it here on my blog.  This is an example of using my blog like a scrapbook.  Where are my scissors?

The topic categories cited were:

  • Mobile – when am I not on my iPhone?
  • Location – augmented reality and location based services
  • Transparency – companies being real and making mistakes
  • Measurement – what metrics can determine the ROI?  Is it about members, retention, engagement, etc.?
  • Privacy – velvet rope communities, personal privacy
  • ROI – how will business see money back on investments?  How will individuals see value for their time?

Look for my post about augmented reality coming soon.

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2010: A Pronunciation Odyssey

It’s hard to believe that we are blowing right by Arthur C. Clarks’s vision of the future without so much as a single sentient, psychotic AI trying to kill us, (talk about disappointment).  But as we rollout of the single digit calendar-suffix of the 21st Century, another threat looms: prounounciation war. 

How should 2010 be expressed in the English language? 

  • “Two thousand and ten”
  • “Twenty-ten”

I am a fan of “twenty-ten,” b/c it sounds cooler and takes less time to say (a plus for all you vm tweeters out there who like convert to text). 

So in the spirit of the Big Lebowski: what is the preferred nomenclature?





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