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3-ways to get started in social media

I speak to a lot of people who are interested in social media.  As this is rapidly just becoming the way we use the Internet getting “into the game” is a lot easier than you think.  For those looking to incorporate social media into their business strategy, here are a few easy to follow steps help you take the plunge (many books have been written on this subject so these quick tips are just the tip of the iceberg – pardon the pun):
  1. Identify your target buyer – create a buyer persona, a biography of the person you want to sell to.  Give them a name and write a few paragraphs about them focusing on (a) the problem they have that needs solving, (b) what would be appealing to this buyer and how we can find them online, and (c) the solution you have for them.  This can be done on paper with pen or Word.  We’ll use this to craft our marketing strategies.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for your blog categories (ex/ body work, medicine, posture, etc.).  These are like chapters of a book and you will usually choose 1 of them to categorize your posts.  Categories are also helpful to navigation and give depth to your blog.
  3. Start drafting your first 10 posts.  It may be helpful to think of them as a theme – so for example, start with the theme of posture.  You can easily come up with 5 posts about posture: (a) importance of posture (worst cast scenario if not fixed, benefits, etc.), (b) how to have good posture, (c) ways of paying attention to your posture (20 minute reminder, etc.), (d) what to do when your posture is terrible (extreme measures), (e) how good posture improves health, work, etc.  This is only an example, but the point is you can think of a single theme that fits in a category, come up with a bunch of posts about that theme, and then just start writing.  The beauty of a blog is you can have these posts as drafts for weeks as you develop others and work through your ideas.

Like I said above, these are three quick and easy strategies that I use whenever starting or rethinking about one of my blogs.  There are much more qualified people than me talking about this stuff at sites like CopyBlogger and ProBlogger (both EXCELLENT resources).



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Connected Pulse Interview: Carolyn Elefant Explains the Beauty of Going Solo

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking to a real pioneer in the legal industry.  Carolyn Elefant has been blogging (or blawging if you prefer) since 2002.  Her blog MyShingle.com is a testament to commitment and a wealth of information for anyone looking to start their own law practice.  We discussed a host of things and even found out her favorite word … you’ll never guess what it is.

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How to Crush It Like Gary Vee: Passion in a Bottle

Check out one of my heroes, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Not only is he a crazy Jets fan (like me), Gary Vaynerchuk made $60 million dollars in sales last year from his video website http://winelibrarytv.com.  His show is all about wine tasting, but Gary makes the subject fun to watch even if you don’t care about wine.  He’s appeared on lots of TV shows, and even had Conan O’Brian eat cigars, dirt, and cherries to develop his pallet before trying a Shiraz.  What makes Gary successful in social media is his passion for what he’s doing.  He brings an energy that is generous to his audience and creates excitement.

Rule #1 – Do what you love

If you can’t talk about what you do with passion and energy you need to find something new to do.  Unless you want to spend the next 30-years of your life working at something hate, why do it?  The recent meltdown of the US economy showed us that no business is “safe.”  As Gary says, “business doesn’t have feelings.”  It won’t care about you losing your job or your industry disappearing (sorry horse and buggy makers).  So if you’re not doing what you love ask yourself, why?

But Mike, if everyone did what they loved who would do the stuff that needs to get done?  The people who felt compelled to do it because they saw the need they could fill.  Perhaps they’re passionate about sanitation or plumbing.  They like seeing how things work.  Look at the variety around you and choose what you love.

Rule #2 – Get started today

So to recap.  The three steps of crushing it like Gary Vee: (1) do what you love, (2) get started today, and (3) share, share, share.  What experience do others have in crushing it?  What are your favorite Gary Vee videos (please share a link)?How

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From Social Pollination: 3 Goals and 3 Words for 2010

Monica O’brien has some exciting things going for 2010.  As the newly minted author of the book Social Pollination: Escape the Hype of Social Media and Join the Companies Winning at It, and the regular author of her blog, Social Pollination: Small Biz.  Big Buzz,  she delivers a fresh take to online.  As a new reader of her blog, I left my first comment today and wanted to share it with any readers here.  Please feel free to continue the thread, commenting on your 3 Goals for 2010, either here on Monica’s blog.

Monica: great post.  I recently discovered your work through Joseph Yi (editor’s note: author of a great blog Welcome to LA and author of one of the funniest posts I ever read on Brazen Careerist) who I connected with on Brazen Careerist.  You laid out three very important goals for yourself that I can identify with (1) home/job, (2) creating, and (3) ways to challenge the status quo.  Here’s my take:

(1) Home/job: sounds like you and your husband are ready for a change.  My wife and I made a huge leap in 2009, moving our family from New Jersey to Jerusalem, Israel.  It has been a lifelong dream for her and a recent obsession of mine to move here.  The ideal of raising our children in the Holy Land and connecting with our spiritual roots still persists despite the difficulty of uprooting your entire life across an ocean to an alien culture.  We’ve taken our knocks and are adjusting.  For 2010 I’m resolved to view Israel like the Wild West.  Businesses here are just starting to integrate some of the more established online behaviors we are used to in the US and I’m seeing more opportunities here for an English speaking lawyer who works in this space (I am the lead community manager for a network of 25K lawyers and growing – another thing to do in 2010 is find a better term for “community manager” … I’ve been thinking either “janitor” or “party host” not sure though ; D).  As for home, we have a lease in the city for 2 years which gives us time to find a neighborhood and buy a house.  By the end of this year we want a neighborhood picked out.

(2) Creating – awesome to see you are writing fiction.  I wrote a novel 4 years ago, think if Harry Potter did kung fu, but quickly grew to hate it over the years.  My creative project for 2010 is to write my blog to book called Lurkers Anonymous: Strategies for Dealing with Invisibility on the Web.  My first post went up today so I guess I am already started (http://lurking101.com)!

(3) Ways to Challenge the Status Quo – this is an interesting one.  I wish you luck on the job search (your blog is proof enough that you would kick a**), and have found that being a “purple cow” in the corporate creameries is a fun way to love what you do.  I work for a major corporation in the legal world (if we were in the beverage industry think Coke v. Pepsi) and LOVE my work.  Just this year I moved into Web Strategy and find I can make a real difference by challenging the company to do things a bit differently.  Pursuing disruptive strategies like getting to know our detractors better and finding out why they hate us, giving away lots more for free, and starting a revolution in the way we communicate are just a few of the general categories of things I am hoping to do.  On the concrete side of things, I am starting a series on You Tube called Tech Talks where I interview different people in the tech, social media, and legal worlds to get unique perspectives on a host of topics.  We do everything via Skype video and I just did my first piece with Chris Boudreaux from SocialMediaGovernance.com.  It should be posting in the next week, and I already have some more calls planned.

Thanks for the great topic, and I’m looking forward to reading more from you in 2010.  Happy New Year!

I boiled down Monica’s 3-words to 3-categories.  Not sure this is what she was looking for (I think she wanted 3 NEW words), but it worked for me.  So what about you?  Where are your goals in 2010?  What would you like to see change?  Who do you want to agitate in the New Year?

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Fire that Blogger!

“I’ve been reading your blog,” Mom said. 

“That’s great,” I said.

“Do other people read it,” she asked.  With her recent readership, I think I was up to five or six regular readers – not the New York Times, but exciting none-the-less.  I told her this, and she asked the proverbial parental question: “if there aren’t a lot of people reading and you aren’t making any money, why do you write it?”

I went onto explain how the pure joy of writing, sharing my opinion with the world, on a blogging platform that has the potential to reach anyone who cares to read it is an exciting and worthwhile thing.  To me, it makes no difference whether anyone reads it.  Sure, I’d love to have a Huffington Post-sized following, but at the very least this is great practice for my writing. 

“But doesn’t your boss mind that you post these at work?  Can he fire you for that?”  A shot of fear went through me for an instant: post at work?  I usually write my blog posts at night or on lunch.  Sometimes I edit them and post at work, but that shouldn’t raise flags.   After checking my settings on Wordpress I saw that my time stamps put my posts almost 7-hours in the future from the time I actually post them, and the fact that I can write something at anytime with a time stamp in the future, present, or past further diffuses any argument for firing.  Luckily, my blogging has been supported by my company – many of my posts are about e-content and publishing, some posts have even been repurposed on their main websites.    

I reassured Mom that the publishing of my posts during “work hours” didn’t concern my boss, but the question got me thinking: who has been fired for blogging?  These 7-famous firings of bloggers are well known, but do you know anyone fired for blogging?

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Instant Podcasts from Blogposts – Just add water

There is nothing that today’s professionals love more than being able to multitask. Podcasting and Itunes made that an easy-to-use reality, as we can all listen to our favorite podcasts, whether work-based, entertainment, or other while we engage in other activities. But what about all those blogs that we want to read?

OdioGo has the solution. It is a text to speech program that creates accurate audio files that can be downloaded to Itunes, a computer, or MP3 player and listened to at your leisure.   Check out my blog turned into a Podcast via OdioGo – it instantly made all my posts into a Podcast!  Also, the computer generated voice actually reads with inflection rather than sounding like a bad Stephen Hawking impression.

Odiogo Automated Podcsts

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