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Delicious – Getting Web Cred as a Yummy Bookmarker

This post is a confession: I am a nOOb when it comes to Delicious – the social bookmarking site.  For the uninitiated, this is the description of Delicious on their Help page:

Delicious is a social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. With emphasis on the power of the community, Delicious greatly improves how people discover, remember and share on the Internet.

What I like about the site is that my bookmarks show up on any machine I work on.  The tool bar is installed on my home and work computers, so everything is centralized.  It works a lot like Twitter in the sense that you find interesting people who tag things that you find interesting too and follow thiem.  As you discover things of interest people follow.

That’s the formula, but what is the reality?  What is your experience as a web tagger?  This is the promise of Web 3.0 and beyond: our search results will be more relevant and the web will learn about us from the identities we establish.  Can sites like Delicious be the pre-cursor to it all?



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Online A.D.H.D. (Purposeful Web 2.0 Browsing for the Ritalin Generation)

It seems like everyone has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (“ADHD”) these days (even though it only affects about 5% of the population).  Our shortening attention spans are not helped in a Web 2.0 world where we are twittered down to 140 character status updates and keep connected with RSS feeds.  As someone whose therapist has given him a bona fide diagonsis as “an adult with ADHD who has learned to compensate” I find that focusing online is very tough.  I want to click this, search for that, keep 10 tabs open in my browser, while my Nambu or Tweetdeck (depending on what OS I’m using that day b/c I can’t just have one computer running) has multiple searches active.

Time to focus.  Here are some strategies I have thought of that make web 2.0 browsing a bit more focused:

  1. Have a short list of goals for each online session: (post 1 blog, fix up Picassa, and check Gmail)
  2. Make time limits: (I will finish by 11:30 pm tonight)
  3. Have a steady time to do certain repeating tasks (post a blog & check social network aggregators at lunch)
  4. Aggregators, aggregators, aggregators (Google Reader for RSS, Eventbox when on Mac) – finding the best aggregator that takes headlines from multiple sites & put them in one place
  5. Choose sides: I feel like I am always jumping onto something new to make my life easier (delicious, readit, or my favorite: digg) – rather than jumping to new tek to be in the now (thanks Ram Daas), find ones that you like and stick to them unless a good reason to change presents itself
  6. If your head starts to feel warm and tingly, go for a walk

What suggestions do you have to avoid aimless impulse browsing?

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