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Lexis Microsoft Office: Legal Tech Man on the Street

It has been a long four days since I left the Holy Land for New York City to attend Legal Tech.  The big news of the conference for my company was the introduction of Lexis Microsoft Elmo (or “LMO” as we fondly call it while picturing a fuzzy little red monster).  This is an integration of LexisNexis tools to Microsoft programs like Outlook and Word that allows lawyers to search in the context of their documents with the push of a button.  Check out my post from the Martindale Blog that was written the day we announced LMO.

One of the main things I did a Legal Tech was capture the “man on the street” perspective about what we were doing.  Here are some videos posted on our LexisNexis YouTube page with me interviewing conference goers, keynote speakers, and our own CEO:

Interview with Bruce MacEwan, partner at Adam Smith Esq.

Interview with Mike Walsh, CEO of LexisNexis US Legal Markets

Interview with Jonathan Silverman, Service Executive at Microsoft

Interview with Alex Dilessio, Innovation Lead at LexisNexis

Interview with John Alber, Partner at Bryan Cave

Check out the LexisNexis YouTube channel for all of the videos from Legal Tech.


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Mac Office 2008: Will You Get My Money?

In my first video post ever for Mintz’s Wordz I talk about my initial impressions of Mac Office 2008.

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Where the Hell is that Email: Searching Microsoft Outlook

This is a really quick post (promise) b/c I am being picked up for the airport in 25 minutes.  What is the best tool for searching in Microsoft Outlook?  Let’s admit, the native search on Outlook 2007 sucks (sorry for the potty mouth but it is the only way to describe it).  I have been using the Xobni plug in and highly recommend it.  Not only does Xobni offer lightening fast search, but it creates profiles and statistics on everyone who sends you email, including pulling pictures and information on them from sites liked Linkedin.  Now a friend of mine at a bankruptcy firm swears by a program called Look Out.  Problem is this thing is a dinosaur.  If you can find a copy to download, it basically just works as a search function.  Now maybe that is elegant and streamlined and all that, but I expect more from my tools these days.  What other Outlook tools have you found that are must haves for search and mail functions?

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