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Mac Office 2008: Will You Get My Money?

In my first video post ever for Mintz’s Wordz I talk about my initial impressions of Mac Office 2008.


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Installing Snow Leopard and the Mac Heist Bundle

snowleopard_1So I finally installed Snow Leopard on my relatively new iMac.  I had bought the 24” beast back in June so I could ship it to Israel with my stuff in early July.  Of course this was a few weeks before Snow Leopard hit the street in August (Mom, if you’re reading this, Snow Leopard is an upgrade to Apple computer).  There was a promotion that Apple ran for purchasers of a new Mac within a certain time frame, which allowed you to get an upgrade disc for $9.99 (rather than $29.99), but you had to be in the U.S. to get it.  On my latest trip to the States I picked it up and only installed today.  Don’t really notice that much of a difference yet, guess it’s maybe subtle things like stack.  What have been the noticeable benefits you have gotten from Snow Leopard?  Leave a comment below.

The other news today is that MacHeist (one of the coolest things on the web) is giving away a new bundle for the next 4-days.  It includes the following applications:

Shove Box a handy little app that lets you put snippets of information and notes to yourself in a top-bar interface.  There is a sorting window that looks a lot like most Mac mail or to-do list managers that lets you quickly process things.  Speaking of “things” while on my Mac the program known as Things is usually what I use for this type of stuff so we’ll see how Shove Box improves on that.  My problem is I have too many task organizing tools between Things, Toodledo, Outlook tasks, and pen and paper that I can get bogged down in deciding which to use rather than just getting things done.  Perhaps another post about this soon?



Write RoomBilled as a “distraction free” writing environment, this is really just a simple text editor.  Nothing more.  Not sure how this will help me, but willing to give it a shot …



Twitterific again, a streamlined application that is based on the minimalist concept.  Not sure why I’d use this over Tweet Deck, which has become my monitoring station on Twitter.  The main thing it boasts is ease of use and speed of tweet, enough to make me check it out, but not sure if it is enough to sell me on it.


Tiny Grab – now this looks promising.  It functions a lot like a PC program Snaggit that I use all the time at work.  Allows you to grab images (doesn’t seem to do it for video) from your screen and easily create a tiny URL for them.  Could be very useful for blogging.  The interface requires you to hit COMMAND + SHIFT + 4 to grab the image.  Looking forward to trying this one.


Hoards of Orcs – billed as a “tower defense game” (yes, a game … on MAC!) you have to defend your village against, well, hoards of orcs coming out of a portal.  I’ll download this one just to have a Mac game for once that doesn’t require Cross Over Games.  Looks very basic though so not sure how much I’ll really get out of it.


Mariner Write – a MS Word alternative, this seems to be the Holy Grail of this bundle (Mac Heist is only releasing the registration code after 500K downloads of the bundle happen – we’re about half way there today).  This software provides a simple, word processing interface that can open and output to MS Word.  If I didn’t already love and use NeoOffice this may be really exciting.



All in all this bundle is a bit underwhelming, but hey, it’s free!  And as an old friend from college used to say, “the beauty of free stuff is you can always throw it away if you don’t want it” (or in this case delete it).

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