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Three Tips for Work-Life-Online-Balance

Admitted, I’m not the best when it comes to time management. There are so many things that interest me finding time to do them all is no easy task. There is work, of course, which I have to make time for, helping with the kids, and my religious obligations (daily prayer), but what about the other things, like exercise, kung fu, writing, blogging, all those things that pepper the interest column on any online profile? Finding time for those things is difficult. Here are three tips I use to get the most out of balancing my multiple life interests.

1. Setting minimum blog posts per month – right now mine is at least two posts per month. I like to do two per week or more, but have had a hard time posting on consistent days. Perhaps this can be a New Years resolution?

2. Mobile multi-tasking – I’m writing this post on my iPhone (please excuse typos) while watching Shana play in the garden. Getting things done on the go has been helpful to me. Some of the best tasks for this situation are reviewing email, checking RSS reader feeds, and making to-do lists.

3. Exercising on-the-go or in ten minute increments – one of the best things about moving to Jerusalem has been riding my bike. I use it to get everywhere and even pimped it out yesterday with a basket and baby seat. In the meantime, I am getting a ton of exercise while commuting. Another trick I use is exercising in ten minute bursts throughout the day. When I used to work in an office, I’d go to an empty conference room, run through a series of Kung fu or breathing exercises, and finish off with some push ups and sit ups. In my home office I can do this right in my workspace.

I’m going to go do some balancing now and build a walker for Gilad, but I’m imterested to know what your tips for balancing work, life, and online participation are. Do you set a schedule for yourself, make lists, or just wing it? What activities work best on the go? How important is this subject in your life?


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