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How to Crush It Like Gary Vee: Passion in a Bottle

Check out one of my heroes, Gary Vaynerchuk.

Not only is he a crazy Jets fan (like me), Gary Vaynerchuk made $60 million dollars in sales last year from his video website http://winelibrarytv.com.  His show is all about wine tasting, but Gary makes the subject fun to watch even if you don’t care about wine.  He’s appeared on lots of TV shows, and even had Conan O’Brian eat cigars, dirt, and cherries to develop his pallet before trying a Shiraz.  What makes Gary successful in social media is his passion for what he’s doing.  He brings an energy that is generous to his audience and creates excitement.

Rule #1 – Do what you love

If you can’t talk about what you do with passion and energy you need to find something new to do.  Unless you want to spend the next 30-years of your life working at something hate, why do it?  The recent meltdown of the US economy showed us that no business is “safe.”  As Gary says, “business doesn’t have feelings.”  It won’t care about you losing your job or your industry disappearing (sorry horse and buggy makers).  So if you’re not doing what you love ask yourself, why?

But Mike, if everyone did what they loved who would do the stuff that needs to get done?  The people who felt compelled to do it because they saw the need they could fill.  Perhaps they’re passionate about sanitation or plumbing.  They like seeing how things work.  Look at the variety around you and choose what you love.

Rule #2 – Get started today

So to recap.  The three steps of crushing it like Gary Vee: (1) do what you love, (2) get started today, and (3) share, share, share.  What experience do others have in crushing it?  What are your favorite Gary Vee videos (please share a link)?How


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Tech Talks (New Video Series): Social Media Governance

Check out this new video series I started on our Martindale-Hubbell YouTube channel.  Tech Talks (working title) are video chats with some of the top names in law, social media, and technology.  We have a laid back, 20-minute video chat over Skype discussing your work and anything you want to highlight about what you are doing now.  Future plans include creating two versions of the video: an unedited, basic version posted on YouTube and a premium, directors cut (edited, with music, chapter navigation, and other features), which will only be available in Connected.

If anyone reading this is interested in participating in Tech Talks, please comment below or email my work address at michael.mintz@lexisnexis.com.

Here is the first video I did with Chris Boudreaux from Social Media Governance.  Chris is an interesting guy.  A non-lawyer, he developed a site that houses over 130 social media policies from different companies, a report analyzing the trends in these policies, and a forth-coming publication on the subject.  We spoke about his work, and are going to be working together to get it seen by more lawyers, who I’m sure will benefit from what he has been doing.  Here’s the unedited video:

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Real Education in Virtual Worlds that Will Blow Your Mind

When I say “virtual world,” what do you think about?  To me, images of Star Trek’s “Holodeck” or the X-men’s “Danger Room” come to mind; in the “real world” I might point to World of Warcraft or Second Life (“SL”).  Most of us would say those are just “games” and conclude that “virtual world” = video game, but as the videos below will show, there is a whole new pedagogical (strategy of instruction) approach to using virtual words to learn in the real world.  Applications run the gamut of teaching a class about history, art, or science, to training a sales team about a new product.  I want to give a shout out to eLearning blog for posting about these videos in the first place – check ’em out:

Overview of educational use and applications – shows how universities can use SL to teach history, art, psychology, drama, and social science.

Science learning – shows an exercise where students can enter a cell, explore, and then find the exacitic vesticle to exit the cell.  It also shows an interactive tour through an anatomic model with a real beating heart (wonder what they could do with the brain after the brain map project is complete in 2011?).

Sales Rep Training – shows how a company can train sales reps on the intricacies of a product, in this case a drill.  Best feature of all?  You can tell when participants aren’t engaging in the learning activities of the demo or following the speaker b/c their avatar will “fall asleep” – what a useful thing for law school classes!

Edtech.Boisestate.edu – shows a training ground for educators who want to get started in virtual pedagogy, (I definitely want to check out learning a new language – here they show French).

There is so much potential here, especially as worlds like Second Life become easier to build in and more accepted as a medium for communication.  What can publishers, educators, students, and others do to make this a meaningful tool and not just some gimmick?

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Obama’s “Firewalled Chat” – How Open Will “Open For Questions” Really Be?

True to the progressive platform he pimped to get into office (I say that with love), Obama is taking a different approach to the “fireside chat” instituted by FDR from 1933 to 1944.   Gone is the one-way radio broadcast that US citizens huddled around to be told about their country’s future from its fearless leader.  The Interactive Age demands something more … well, interactive.

Whitehouse.gov runs a different kind of chat.  For the past few weeks citizens were invited to submit and vote on questions for the President.  This process ended today at 9:30 am with the following stats:

  • 91,498 people have submitted
  • 102,963 questions
  • 3,562,315 votes have been cast

Whether Obama’s intimate-Internet approach will work or bring much needed calm to the American people remains to be seen.  Today at 11:30 am he will deliver something seemingly different: a digitalogue with citizens  about the issues they care most about right now. On a personal note, I’ve been to town halls in my large corporation with only a few thousand employees on the call at once – these are not the most intimate, relevant, or current dialogues – in fact they seem mostly like infodumps until someone asks a hard question that ruffles the CEO’s feathers (but even these questions just seem like complaining most of the time).  If Obama wants something completely different let’s see him hold a Twitterside Chat – that would be really impressive – we’ll see if this truly is something different.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “The White House is Open for Questions“, posted with vodpod

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YouTube Diplomacy: Broadcast Your Peace

In a message of virtual peace, President Obama extended best wishes to celebrants of the springtime holiday Nowruz.  More than just a good natured holiday greeting, he used this opportunity to give a special shout out to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran, spending most of his 3 and 1/2 minute message in online diplomacy.  A dramatic shift away from America’s isolationist policies towards Iran for the past 3 decades, President Obama pointed out common interests and goals, while calling for peace.  He gave props to Iranian culture for it’s contributions to American culture, and extended a pixalated hand to Iranian leaders to build constructive relationships.

Using online video broadcast to spread political message is nothing new. Terrorists have spread online hate for years.  The Obama campaign (and Hilary’s primary run) used YouTube effectively to secure votes during the last election.  But a fireside chat broadcast to a nation once dubbed an “Axis of Evil” card member takes a new approach to dealing with adversarial relationships.  Posting a message of peace in this fashion (which had Farsi subtitles running across the screen in the Iranian version), President Obama has found a new way to use new media.

Will his approach be effective here?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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